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FMG Affiliate program - for permanent residence and U.S. citizenship through investments, through setting up their own businesses in the U.S. (mostly Florida state).
The main direction of the company's business is the purchase, renovation and exploitation of small hotels on the Atlantic coast. This is where the world-famous American resorts - cities of Miami and Fort Lauderdale (yacht city) are located, with white sandy beaches and a mixture of two languages: English and Spanish.
The average cost of organizing business is 2 000 000 U.S. dollars.
This sum includes:
  1. Purchase of the hotel

    USD 700 000 – 1 000 000

  2. Operating expenses FMG

    USD 400 000

  3. Reconstruction of the hotel

    USD 600 000 - 900 000

All hotels are bought with the territory, allowing to organize additional business (services) of the hotel, restaurant and SPA. Architectural planing, supervision, reconstruction of the hotel, as well as its professional management after the reconstruction and commissioning are performed by professional companies and partners.

It is also worth considering that currently the cost of real estate on the coast of Florida has reached its "bottom" and in the coming years its strong growth is expected.

Reconstruction of the hotel, as well as additional new businesses on site can significantly increase the capitalization of the business in comparison with the time of purchase. Creating a unified system of small hotels, FLORIDA MIRACLE GROUP LLC. and its branding also increases the capitalization of each hotel.

The yield and the reliability of this type of business can be viewed in the context of six factors.
  1. An increase in the cost of assets due to the reconstruction of commercial real estate.
  2. An increase in the cost of assets through the organization of additional business on the territory of the hotel.
  3. An increase in the cost of assets due to the annual general increase of the price per square meter of property on the open market in the State of Florida (regardless of the reconstruction).
  4. An increase in the cost of assets by combining the hotels into the system and registering a common brand.
  5. Receiving income from the sale of hotel services (the red season in the state of Florida lasts for 9 months).
  6. The safety of investments in this type of business, because even in times of crisis fluctuations in real estate prices are cyclical and always, sooner or later, return to the top spot.

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