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The price of the project is from 2 000 000 USD. As all our offers, this program is transparant and simple for understanding.

We register the purchase of a yacht as creating an enterprise with investments from 1 000 000 USD in compliance with all the formalities for obtaining EB-5 visa on the U.S. territory.

All the rest time it will be let, this means it will bring money and provide jobs for the americans who will operate and exploit it. As mentioned before, it will be a separate interprise owned by you. If desired, we will provide its complete support.

As with hotels, we do not offer yachts cheaper than 2 000 000 USD. This is due to the fact that business must be economically rational.

This means that the enterprise must be profitable provided that it gives jobs to a certain number of U.S. residents and, as a result, must pay for invested money within a resonable period of time.

Unfortunately, this will not work with organizing business with minimal investments of 500 000 USD(500 000 USD is the minimal amount of investment for EB-5 when starting a new project in the U.S. territory regional center). Speaking about hotels, there are big projects of regional centers which one can enter investing 500 000 USD simply for obtaining a Green card and getting back the invested sum after 5-6 years. This scheme does not work for yachts. Otherwise, it must be a “Titanik”, and we do not work with “Titaniks”.

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