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We help organize and manage business in Russia

When we say ‘organize’, we mean it; it is not just starting a business. If you already have some concrete objectives, best practices and pilot projects – we will take them into account and continue moving in that direction. If not – then all we need is your desire and funds.

We organize business on a turnkey basis.

  1. At the first stage, we will listen to your needs and wants, and conclude an agreement with you. We will then conduct some research on organizing business in the market you are interested in and draw a report. Depending on the situation, the report will include different information. In any case it will include 5 parts: feasibility of investment in this type of business (if you specify one), cost efficiency, sample company structure, associated expenditures and expected point of return.

  2. Second stage – organizing your company per se. It includes drawing of incorporation documents, selection of tax system, registration of the legal person, registration with the respective authorities and funds, facility rent, opening bank accounts, hiring personnel, organization of the office and departments including secretary and top manager positions.

  3. Third stage – You make a decision regarding further maintenance of the business. At this stage, the business starts, strictly speaking; at the first two stages you create its methodological foundation and develop a smart and functional toolkit.

Each stage is completely independent
and you as a client can conclude
an agreement on any
of them separately.
  • If you already have your own developed plan of business organization, potential partners and clients, and the work is going under a full head of steam, we may help you then by serving you as advisors, negotiators and analysts.

  • If you are not an RF resident – we will provide you visa support, transfer to and from the airport, hotel or apartment accommodations. Prior to your arrival, we will agree upon the program of your visit to Russian and the range of activities. If desired, you will be accompanied by security officers while in the RF.

  • If you need help with everyday matters and leisure time planning for you and your family, we will assist you with that. For our regular clients, we offer 24/7 concierge service.

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