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Switzerland and Europe
We help organize and do business on the territory of switzerland and europe
The principles of starting and supporting business are identical to those described in the sections “Organizing and supporting business in the RF” and “Organizing and supporting business in the USA”. The difference is only in some pecularities.

It may seem that is is far more difficult to get a residence permit in Switzerland than in the USA or Europe. We would rather say... it is more expensive. Just more expensive. Moreover, the term of getting the Swiss Citizenship is 12 years, in compliance with fomalities, unlike the USA – 5 years ( although there are variants in Switzerland with 5 years, but it is the way of love, not business).

It is quite resonable, as Switzerland a priori sets itself up before immigrants as an absolutely complete and sustainable country. If a non-resident wants to get a residence permit with a view to receive citizenship he has to be either really rich or sucessful in business, or be a high-qualified specialist that Switzerland cannot do without, or a well-to-do pensioner.

If you have money, Switzerland is a very good country for a peaceful life. If the fact that a residence permit will cost you several million franks does not bother you, we will be happy to help you.

We will provide you with all the information and explanations you need, take your disires into concideration and build the model of your way of getting a residence permit. Technically it is not difficult for us.

You can certainly do it cheaper than for several millions. But it means “cheaper” in all sences.

Residence permit and receiving citizenship in Europe is a far more joyful topic concerning time and money. The price is resonable, and speaking about time, it would take you 3-5 years.

You may find more detailed information about Switzerland and the European Union as a whole as well as about each single country in the Internet, so there is no point placing here a huge amount of information comparable to the Big Soviet Encyclopedia.

We just say that with a strong desire and funding on your part we will do it for you.

Please, read the section "Questions of getting a residence permit".

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